Carbide Blanks, Tips, Teeth and Strips


Carbide Products

Sharp Tool has a highly skilled team with extensive knowledge on carbide products, saw blades, knives, machinery and many other products. Our staff is trained to deliver knowledgeable advice and top quality products.

We have been selling carbide products for over 35 years. Unlike most other carbide suppliers, we have been building saw blades and carbide tipped cutting tools since 1959. We understand how carbide works and what is required in a high quality cutting tool.

We provide carbide to various industries, including but not limited to the wood, metal, automotive, medical, aerospace, gas & oil industries.

In House Pretinning—We currently have the largest pretinning facility in North America. Our in-house pretinning allows us to ship orders faster than any of our competitors.

Our experience and knowledge in brazing carbide helps provide a quality of carbide that is unmatched.

Should you need a custom carbide part,
please contact our sales team or order online