Cold Saw Blade - M-2 HSS TiN Coated

Diameter: 200
Thickness: 2.0
ID: 32


Cold Saw Blade - M-2 HSS TiN Coated


Our cold saw blades are stocked as blanks. Please allow 2-4 weeks for the item to ship. If you have an urgent need, please contact us.

Cold saw blades are designed to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our saws are heat treated to around 65 HRc and are quenched in a press to insure minimal runout. Designed for low RPM machines, 10-50 RPM. TiN coating works good with most materials except for aluminum

To help Sharp Tool give you the best saw, please share some details about your application. Please leave this information on the notes section of your online order.

  1. Material being cut, both shape and material. 
  2. Number of teeth
  3. Pin hole configuration
  4. Type of coolant application. Flood, mist, dry, etc
  5. (Optional) Tooth geometry

-32mm Arbor Hole 2/8/45 + 2/11/63 + 4/9/50 (4/9/50 250mm to 315mm OD)
-38mm Arbor Hole 2/9/55
-40mm Arbor Hole 2/9/55 + 4/12/64
-50mm Arbor Hole 4/15/80 + 4/14/85

-Material being cut. We offer many tooth geometries

  • “C” – Solids & Heavy Wall Pipe 
  • “Bw” Thin Wall Tubes 
  • “B” Non-Ferrous
  • “Bc” Thin Wall Stainless

This item is customer made and is not returnable.


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