Proudly Built with Uddeholm Steel

We have teamed up with EPS Services and Tooling in the UK to supply wide bands to the North American market. Using Wet-Grind Technology, our wide bands are precision ground on Vollmer CNC equipment. If you're having trouble getting bands, give us a shot. You won't be disappointed.

EPS is the leading manufacturer of bandsaws to the timber industry in the UK. With over 30 years’ experience, and a range of modern CNC equipment, we are able to support our customers with a prompt and efficient service.

Sharp Tool and EPS will stock of over 60 tons of band saw strip coil, from 80mm to 300mm in width, all supplied from Bohler Uddeholm. EPS is the exclusive stocking Distributor of Bohler strip/ Uddeholm in the UK.

With our modern presses we can manufacture punched coil to either a standard or vari-pitch format specific to our customer’s particular requirements.

Wide Band Manufacturing Process

Our modern press lines produce toothed steel to exacting tolerances while we can punch in a variety of different tooth shapes to match customer requirements. We Butt Weld all our bandsaws to ensure inclusion free joining and tempering within a very small heat zone.

Our plasma-arc manufacturing lines provide high quality Stellite tipping, hydraulic swaging is used for non-tipped blades. Our fully automatic hydraulic tensioning machinery is programmable to meet every blade application. Final tooth and side grinding is undertaken on one of our many Vollmer wet grinding machines, including state of the art CNC grinders, capable of grinding over 60 different tooth shapes, including a whole range of Vari-pitch formats.