Side Dial Gauge - Model C



Saw Dial Indicator 

Model: C 

NOTE: Measurements are in inches. 

Industrial quality side dial indicators for saw blades. 

The advantages of having a correctly set saw for all sawing work are well known. By using a Saw Setting Dial Gauge, side clearances can be exactly maintained.

The method of measuring could not be simpler. The gauge is laid on the saw blade so that the sprung tracer touches the cutting edges of the saw. The pointer gives instant reading of the measurement. As the Gauge has a dial on both sides, it can be used either left or right handed.

  • Contact point that is hardened and grind. 
  • Dial on both sides.
  • Hardened bearing pins ground together with the contact point.
  • Tough, industrial quality metal casting.
  • Large gripping surface. 


NOTE: Measurements are in inches. 

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